Method Statement

What is a Method Statement?

A work Method Statement (also known as a site specific plan of work) is developed by the employer for their employees or by a sub-contractor for work that they are carrying out on site. The Method Statement details how a particular task or process is to be carried out.  Method Statements are always site specific. Method Statements should detail the

·         Risks and hazards associated with the work

·         The safety control measures needed to control the hazards identified by the risk assessment

·         How the work will be managed safely. 

A Method statement can help employers or sub-contractors to limit or eliminate their liability in the event of an employee or member of the public having an accident in the workplace.

Content of a Method Statement

• Contact Details
• Scope / Description of Works
• Schedule of Plant and Equipment
• Safe Working Procedures
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Communication of Method Statement
• Training
• Site Specific Hazards
• Risk Assessments
• First Aid and Emergency Procedures
• Method Statement Briefing Sign off Sheet and Accident Investigation sheet

How can Bright Safety and Training help you?

Bright Safety and Training can prepare your Method Statement in consultation with you. We will conduct a risk assessment of your specific work activity and recommend control measures that you can implement to reduce/eliminate workplace accidents.  We can also provide training in the implementation of your Method Statement. This training will ensure that all employees are aware of the content of the Method Statement.

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